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Current Situation Analysis of Packaging Industry in China

With the continuous rapid development China's packaging industry has witnessed in recent years, China is now the world's second largest country in the packaging industry, as well as an important producer, consumer and exporter of packaging products in the world.

The midstream manufacturing industry of China's packaging industry has formed an independent and complete industrial system with major products of paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, packaging printing and packaging machinery. Its rapid development not only meets the demand of domestic consumption and commodity export, but also plays an important role in protecting commodities, facilitating logistics, promoting sales and providing service.

Currently, the greatest demand in China market is for paper packaging and plastic packaging products, followed by metal packaging and glass packaging, therefore, the corresponding demand for relevant packaging machinery and equipment, parts, consumables, intelligence system and printing equipment. The large number of overseas packaging manufacturers with high-quality products, technology and service will be able to open up a new world in China’s packaging market, as China may become the largest global packaging market within a year or two.

International high-quality up-and-downstream enterprises are welcome to join us at PMCC ASIA-iCONVERTING in China.


— is among one of the PMCC ASIA Exhibition Series

This joint exhibition of 2020 provides an opportunity for buyers from overseas to have a more comprehensive understanding of the packaging manufacturing and end user market in China and in the Asian region, and to obtain the huge amount of purchasing orders from “packaging manufacturing mid-and-downstream end users” in China and the Asia-Pacific region.  

With a total space of around 500,000 square meters, some 8,000 exhibitors and at least 150,000 professional visitors, the 2020 joint exhibition will be a worldwide gala for the packaging industry and food and pharma manufacturing. We believe that this grand event of joint exhibition in 2020 will bring immeasurable business value to enterprises. The exhibitors will have our words that to participate in PMCC ASIA-iCONVERTING, you will gain outstanding achievements!

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