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Current Situation Analysis of Corrugating Industry in China

According to the statistics from International Corrugated Carton Association (ICCA), the global output of corrugated cartons in the last three years is mainly concentrated in the Asia market, accounting for 51.6%, followed by Europe and North America, 22.8% and 17.9% respectively.

It is predicted that the global corrugated carton market will continue to grow, especially in the Asian region, where corrugated cartons are more and more often used for product packaging and transportation in the manufacturing industry and the trend of "using paper instead of wood" as shipping containers continues, therefore, the growth will be steadier. In particular, the China corrugated carton industry, though with a late start, grew rapidly and has become the second largest corrugated carton producing country in the world. The average output of corrugated carton in China in the last three years has reached 3,699,550 tons, with an annual growth rate of 17.01%, which is higher than that of China's GDP in the same period.

In the meantime, as China's economy keeps growing, the awareness of green and environment protection among the Chinese consumers is gradually enhanced, and "consumption upgrade" will drive the demand for upgrading China's packaging products to the higher quality of a green, environment protection and energy saving level. Most importantly, the continuous fast development of China's internet and e-commerce has greatly exploited the demand for a series of up-and-downstream industries for the logistics packaging market.

In short, there is a big market and broad prospect for China's packaging industry. International high-quality up-and-downstream enterprises are welcome to China to join us at PMCC ASIA-iCORRUGATED.


— is among one of the PMCC ASIA Exhibition Series

This joint exhibition of 2020 provides an opportunity for buyers from overseas to have a more comprehensive understanding of the packaging manufacturing and end user market in China and in the Asian region, and to obtain the huge amount of purchasing orders from “packaging manufacturing mid-and-downstream end users” in China and the Asia-Pacific region.  

With a total space of around 500,000 square meters, some 8,000 exhibitors and at least 150,000 professional visitors, the 2020 joint exhibition will be a worldwide gala for the packaging industry and food and pharma manufacturing. We believe that this grand event of joint exhibition in 2020 will bring immeasurable business value to enterprises. The exhibitors will have our words that to participate in PMCC ASIA-iCORRUGATED, you will gain outstanding achievements!

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