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Current Situation Analysis of Packaging Industry in China

Warehousing management and indoor logistics intelligent management, as an indispensable industry in the development of China's economy, can be widely applied to a variety of manufacturing fields. With the development of China's economy, the expansion of production scales, and the improvement in intelligent automation, material handling equipment is more and more widely used in modern production process and plays a more and more important role.

In China's industrialization process, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, machinery, intelligent manufacturing, automobile, new energy, food cold-chain, robots, automation, retail and such application industries are all the key industries in China's development. These industries will maintain a high investment growth rate in the future and will create continuous and steady high market demand for material handling equipment. Especially in recent years when e-commerce has brought greater opportunities for development, it further promotes the needs for the warehousing management and indoor material handling. Come to join us at PMCC ASIA- iMATEX in 2020, and you will be the winner of obtaining business information and purchase orders!


— is among one of the PMCC ASIA Exhibition Series

This joint exhibition of 2020 provides an opportunity for buyers from overseas to have a more comprehensive understanding of the packaging manufacturing and end user market in China and in the Asian region, and to obtain the huge amount of purchasing orders from "packaging manufacturing mid-and-downstream end users" in China and the Asia-Pacific region.  

With a total space of around 500,000 square meters, some 8,000 exhibitors and at least 150,000 professional visitors, the 2020 joint exhibition will be a worldwide gala for the packaging industry and food and pharma manufacturing. We believe that this grand event of joint exhibition in 2020 will bring immeasurable business value to enterprises. The exhibitors will have our words that to participate in PMCC ASIA-iMATEX, you will gain outstanding achievements.

PMCC ASIA Exhibition Series

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